2.7M 8.86FT #5/6 Fly Rod and Fly Reel with Fishing Bag

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Brand Name: Sougayilang
Fishing Type: Fly Fishing
Main Parts: Rod+Reel+Line
line Spool Material: ABS
length: 2.7 m
Position: LAKE
Position: River
Position: Reservoir Pond
Position: stream
Model: Fly fishing Beginner 1
Rod Total Length: 2.89M
Number of sections: 4
Top Diameter: 1.8mm/0.7in
Butt Diameter: 8.5mm/0.334in
Wight: 135g/4.7oz
Size: 5/6
Material: ABS Hard Plastic
Spool Capacity: 5000
Diameter: 8.5cm/3.3in
Diameter(in): 2.3cm/0.9in
Backing Capacity: WF6F/100yds/20lbs
Weight: 142g/5oz